About us

BULTEX 99 Ltd is specialized in the production and supply of safety equipment and work clothing, import and trade of protective outfits and personal protective equipment. Our products guarantee health and safety at work by protecting workers against harmful effects of environment and working condition.

BULTEX 99 implements and coordinates its activities through modern equipped commercial base and an office in Plovdiv, separated as a logistics hub with a total retail space of 10,000 sq. m. Part of it is a warehouse under customs control, which optimizes customs duties, taxes and VAT and re-export to other countries.

We have our own car fleet and commercial network of warehouses and shops on the territory of the whole country to ensure quality and timely customer service

The clients of BULTEX 99 LTD can always rely on trained and highly qualified staff all over the country.

We are representatives and direct importers of protective outfits and personal protective equipment from leading European manufacturers. Our partners are companies from Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Albania and other countries.


To gain your trust with our relationship and respect for the business you are doing. Our goal is to be successful by helping your business to be successful, providing security, professionalism, comfort and modern vision in our collaboration.

Be unique, protected and calm when you work!